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ODC Mountain Pine Beetle Study

ODCPODC Mountain Pine Beetle Study Cherokee Divide Red Feather Lakes, Colorado

ODC Pine Tree Protection Three-Year Trial Results Dr. Ken Knutson, plant pathologist, Emeritus, Colorado State University Dr. Jim Linden, microbiologist, Emeritus, Colorado State University

Ponderosa Pine Tree Field Trial Ken Knutson, Property Owner Infected trees/area marked by Elk Meadow Landowners Assoc. in 2008

Replicated test plot: 10 trees per rep ODCTM Treatments -

1st season: 2009 - 3 applications 2nd season: 2010 - 3 applications 3rd season September

Infected Ponderosa pine, adult MPB and blue stain fungus

ODCTM Home & Garden Biopesticide Mix: 1 ml ODC in 5-gal or more of water

Application: Use as directed, apply 1ml in 5-gal water per tree, three times a year. Pour directly on soil area under the tree’s drip line . 970 532-3554

Proven Results After Three Years: ODCTM Colloidal Chitosan treated ponderosa pines had a 250% tree survival rate over the untreated trees. ODCTM treated trees had 62% fewer mountain pine beetle hits than untreated trees. Note: a and b are statistically different.