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Green Plant Fuel Surfactant


Hand Sprayer: Apply at a rate of .3 grams per 16 ounces (1 pint) of water.

Carefully pull apart 100% biodegradable capsule and add wettable powder to water. Dissolve completely. Use all liquid immediately after mixing.

Thoroughly wet foliage to the point of runoff. Spray as needed. Rinse all spray equipment after use (rinse x 3 ). Store in a cool dry place out of direct sun light.

Liquid Yucca Extract

Healthy soil requires many things. Water is one of the most important. Without water, plants cannot survive, the soil microbes that support them cannot survive, and essential nutrients cannot be transported through the soil.

Some soils, however, aren't able to absorb the water they need. Heavy clay soils, soils with low organic matter, and highly compressed soils, are notoriously impermeable to water. To support good fertility, these soils require supplementation with a wetting agent, which improves permeability, soil structure, and water-holding capacity.

Liquid Yucca Extract is a 100% natural wetting agent derived from Yucca schidegera . Our Yucca Extract is cold-pressed for maximum biological activity. As a wetting agent, Yucca Extract can be added to almost any liquid fertilizer mix, as part of an overall fertilization program.

Liquid Yucca Extract:

  • Increases soil permeability, allowing water and nutrients to reach plants faster
  • Improves the soil's water-holding capacity
  • Improves soil structure
  • Is 100% Organic
  • Is cold-pressed for maximum biological efficacy
  • Is derived from Yucca schidigera

Directions for Use

Soil Drench: Use 1 gallon of liquid yucca per 100 gallons of water.
Spray: Use 3 ounces of liquid yucca per 100 gallons of water.

PLEASE NOTE: Liquid yucca should be used as part of an overall tree fertilization program.


VermaPlex is a 100% organic liquid extract rich in benficial microbes and soil nutrients.

VermaPlex can:

  • restore biological life to soil. Soil is a living thing, and plants depend on this bilogical life to help them extract nutrients and combat disease. Plants do not grow in a vacuum, which is to say that living soil is absolutely essential to their helpth and survival.
  • help the soil regulate itself. In nature, soil chemistry is self-regulating: microbes in the soil consume organic matter, inorganic matter, water and other nutrients, and regulate their levels as needed.
  • feed plants without burning them. VermaPlex does not supply pure nitrogen, but instead increases the soil's ability to absorb nitrogen from the atmosphere, leading the greening without the risk of burning. For this same reason, VermaPlex can also reduce dependence on traditional fertilizers, which can burn plants and pollute the environment.
  • VermaPlex is 100% organic and all-natural. It will not leach or contaminate the water table. It is also totally non-toxic, so adults, children and pets can safely use treated areas immediately!

Mycorrhizal Inoculant Tabs Formula


Plants need more than just healthy root systems in order to thrive. They also depend on mycorrhizae, fungi that colonize their root systems and live symbiotically with them. Mycorrhizae help break down organic matter into nutrients, regulate soil chemistry, prevent water loss, and protect plants from disease-causing microbes.

However, in many soils (especially compacted urban soils and heavily-managed soils); mycorrhizal populations are dead or unhealthy, leading to unhealthy plants that are highly susceptible to drought stress, nutrient deficiencies, and disease. Young and newly-transplanted plants, too, are vulnerable to these problems, as well as a dangerous condition called transplant shock. It is vital that these young and transplanted plants establish healthy mycorrhizal populations early on.

Mycorrhizal Tables supplement the soil with a potent cocktail of nutrients, and mycorrhizal spores including:

  • Ectomycorrhizae (which live on the surfaces of root hairs)
  • Genus Pisothilus
  • Genus Rhizopogan
  • Endomycorrhizae (which penetrate into the root hairs)
  • Genus Glomus

Mycorrhizal Tablets:
  • Can revive unhealthy soils
  • Help soils and plants to self-regulate naturally
  • Help plants extract nutrients
  • Make plants more stress-, drought-, and disease-resistant
  • May protect transplanted plants from transplant shock
  • Are compact, easy-to-use, and economical

Directions for Use:

Direct Sowing: Place 1 tablet 1" from the seed beneath the soil surface.
Transplanting: Place the tablet(s) at the bottom of the container.
Existing Plants in Containers: Place the tablet(s) 1/3 to 1/2 of the distance between the surface and the bottom of the pot.
Existing Plants in the Field: Place the tablet(s) at a depth of 4"-6", near the drip line.

Black Sea Kelp

Black Sea Kelp

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