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VermaPlex is a 100% organic liquid extract rich in benficial microbes and soil nutrients.

VermaPlex can:

  • restore biological life to soil. Soil is a living thing, and plants depend on this bilogical life to help them extract nutrients and combat disease. Plants do not grow in a vacuum, which is to say that living soil is absolutely essential to their helpth and survival.
  • help the soil regulate itself. In nature, soil chemistry is self-regulating: microbes in the soil consume organic matter, inorganic matter, water and other nutrients, and regulate their levels as needed.
  • feed plants without burning them. VermaPlex does not supply pure nitrogen, but instead increases the soil's ability to absorb nitrogen from the atmosphere, leading the greening without the risk of burning. For this same reason, VermaPlex can also reduce dependence on traditional fertilizers, which can burn plants and pollute the environment.
  • VermaPlex is 100% organic and all-natural. It will not leach or contaminate the water table. It is also totally non-toxic, so adults, children and pets can safely use treated areas immediately!

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